In the UK, sales of electric vehicles continue to rise. Drivers are increasingly coming to understand the benefits they bring, not just to the environment but also to their pockets.

According to research from the SMMT, lower running costs, cheap car tax and purchase incentives are the biggest reason UK drivers would be likely to buy an electric car.

Despite this, range anxiety remains the biggest deterrent to buying electric vehicles. At InstaVolt, we are eliminating this barrier by installing a comprehensive network of rapid charge points across the UK, offering quick and easy access for drivers.

It’s simple – making the UK an easier place to recharge means more electric vehicles on the road and improved air quality for all.

Clean Air Zones

The Government is introducing ‘Clean Air Zones’ across the country. Under those plans a number of cities, including London, Southampton, Birmingham and Leeds, will introduce a series of measures aimed at driving down emissions. These could include penalty charges for the most polluting vehicles and outright bans for certain vehicles.

Clean Air Zones could incorporate new road layouts giving electric vehicles preferential treatment and concessions. These could include: priority parking with lower charges, priority at junctions and the right to bypass one-way systems in designated lanes.

The commercial factor: Fleet vehicles

Fleet operators across the UK are recognising the advantages of EVs. London is leading the charge with its Ultra-Low Emission Zone and associated penalties; taxi company Uber has started offering rides in electric cars; and Transport for London is working hard to encourage operators to electrify black cabs in the capital.

The Milton Keynes Case Study: EVs grow by 300%

In Milton Keynes 170 standard and 56 rapid charging points have been installed. This initiativecorresponded with a growth of 300% in the number of EVs on the road between July and September 2016, showing a clear correlation between access to charge points and EV usage.

The message from the Buckinghamshire town is clear: the appetite for EVs in the UK is increasing and the incentives for drivers to make the switch are gaining momentum. This presents an opportunity for InstaVolt’s forward-thinking partners to put themselves in the perfect position to capitalise on this growing market.