Air pollution is one of the biggest health risks in the UK. It has been linked to everything from asthma to heart disease. Only cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease rank above it as bigger risks to the nation’s health.

Diesel cars and air pollution

The Government cites diesel vehicles as a major contributor to the problem, as they emit dangerous nitrogen dioxide emissions into the air. Making a move away from fossil fuels and towards electric vehicles is therefore vital if emissions targets are to be met.

The electric revolution

Advances in technology and an increased awareness of environmental impacts, has seen the popularity of electric vehicles grow exponentially. Car manufacturers including BMW, Land Rover, Mazda and Toyota are committed to introducing new models to market. In tandem, the Government is taking steps to encourage the use of EVs, with heavy investment in the sector and charging infrastructure.

In the UK, sales of electric vehicles continue to rise. Drivers are increasingly coming to understand the benefits they bring, not just to the environment but also to their pockets. According to research from the SMMT, lower running costs, cheap car tax and purchase incentives are the biggest reason UK drivers would be likely to buy an electric car.

Eliminating range anxiety

Despite this, range anxiety remains the biggest deterrent to buying electric vehicles. At InstaVolt, we are eliminating this barrier by installing a comprehensive network of rapid charge points across the UK, offering quick and easy access for drivers.

It’s simple – making the UK an easier place to recharge means more electric vehicles on the road and improved air quality for all.