Gerry Welsh, Retail Marketing Manager for Certas Energy, said: “As sales of electric cars increase, we have been mindful to evolve and add to our offering in response. We decided to look into installing electric car chargers at our forecourts and chose to partner with InstaVolt, because of its expertise, the flexibility of the deal and the company’s proven ability to evolve with this rapidly advancing technology.

“It was important for us to choose an innovative solution that would work long into the future. The InstaVolt chargers that are being installed at our sites can be updated as battery technology evolves, delivering faster rates of charge as new technology demands it. This ensures Gulf Aikenhead Road retains best in class hardware.

“Another reason to choose InstaVolt was because it offered the simplest and most transparent approach to charging. We want our customers to have an easy and enjoyable experience while with us and InstaVolt’s solution does just that.”

Unlike many other charging stations, drivers don’t need a membership, card or subscription. They simply turn up, tap their contactless credit or debit card, charge up and go. The stations themselves are easy to use and there’s a freephone support line should customers need any help.

Certas started working with InstaVolt in 2018 and its Gulf forecourts are already reaping the benefits that the chargers bring, including increased footfall, dwell-time, on-site spend and of course a new offering for customers.

One forecourt that has benefitted from the installation of rapid chargers is Aikenhead Road Service Station, which welcomed the chargers as part of a major refurbishment and transformation project. The shop now boasts its own Subway outlet and customer seating area – perfect for electric car drivers to use when charging up their cars.

Gerry said: “We’re proud that our forecourts are leading the charge when it comes to catering for electric car drivers. Offering facilities such as coffee machines, seating areas and hot food provides a great service while they’re charging, as well as the opportunity for us to increase on-site spend. It’s win-win all-round.”

Certas continues to roll out InstaVolt chargers at its sites and those owned by the independent businesses it supplies.