The InstaVolt Fleet App. Giving Fleet drivers freedom of choice.

Introducing the InstaVolt Fleet App

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To discover how we could help support your Fleet charging requirements call our free helpline on 01256 305 900.

Make charging easier with InstaVolt.

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Find a station and navigate there

Use the 'Find a Charger' menu option within the app to find a charger in your current location, or use the search box to find a charger in a new location. After selecting a charge location, use the ‘directions’ button to get directions from your mapping service

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Check availability

Check on the sites details page to see if your chosen charger is available to use, or filter your search to only include stations that are currently available

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Check local amenities

Amenities are displayed as easily recognised icons within the app e.g. restaurants, toilets etc. Alternatively use the filter options to only show the locations with certain types of amenities, so if you’re after a coffee you can easily find one!

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Manage payments

Set up either a ‘credit account’ or a ‘prepayment account’ to make paying within the app easy. Of course you can always use our simple contactless payment option if you prefer

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Download VAT receipts

Use the app to export VAT receipts for your charging sessions when you have charged using the app

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Access partner promotions

Our partners offer promotions just for InstaVolt App users and these are available at certain locations. When you start a charge at a location offering a promotion, you will be notified of the promotion available for you to use