• Delivering world class electric vehicle charging

  • Electric vehicles back on the road in 30 minutes

  • Leading the way in EV charging infrastructure

Back on the road in 30 minutes

50 kW rapid charging

Countries across the world are making a move away from fossil fuels and towards the electrification of the transport system. At InstaVolt, we’re driving this change in the UK – accelerating the use of electric vehicles (EV) by working with key partners to develop a country-wide network of fast and reliable charging points.

Combining cutting-edge technology with outstanding customer service, our rapid charge units get drivers get back on the road in just 30 minutes.

If you have the space we have the equipment

We offer land owners the ability to quickly install quality EV infrastructure at no cost to themselves, whilst receiving an income for up to 30 years. Our partners include forecourt traders, service stations and local authorities.

As an electric car driver, how can we help?

If you own an electric vehicle, then you’ll want to know that you can quickly and easily access a charge point. Our rapid charge points use the latest, cutting-edge technology and can get you back on the road in 30 minutes.

Get started today. Become a partner and get a charging station installed for free.*

Delivering benefits to our partners

As well as receiving a guaranteed income for up to 30 years, our partners reap additional business benefits from our charging units, including increased footfall and dwell time.

Your premium partner

At InstaVolt we take care of everything. Our no cost, hassle-free offer includes planning , supply and installation and all running costs, maintenance and repairs.