Increased footfall

With a growing and loyal network of customers using our rapid EV chargers, your business will see an increase in footfall to your facilities.

We’re the go-to network for reliable, rapid EV charging, and operate as the primary charging network for a range of business fleets across the UK.

Increased dwell time

Customers will spend time and money locally whilst waiting for their vehicles to charge – allowing you to capitalise on an engaged audience.

Our customers praise the onsite facilities available to them when using our network and regularly visit restaurants, cafes, gyms and shops while charging.

Build your reputation

By 2030, new legislation in the UK will require that all new cars are electric. Take action now to provide for your customers and be a step ahead of your competition.

All the electricity supplied through our chargers comes from 100% renewable energy sources, building on our strong reputation as a sustainable energy provider.



Do your bit for the environment – at no cost! As a partner-landlord we’ll pay rent for the space used, and we’ll cover all planning, installation and maintenance costs.

Further financial benefits include additional footfall and trade from EV drivers and those on our fleet contracts who will visit your premises while charging.

We do the work at no cost to our partners!

This includes:

- Completing the DNO application for an independent electricity supply
- Complete turnkey supply and installation
- Full maintenance of all charging stations by our nationwide team of engineers
- Continued investment in charger technology to guarantee we meet changes to current industry standards

Host a charger

We have already teamed up with some fantastic partners

We want our customers to have a great charging experience. We believe that means feeling safe, fed and watered, and entertained or relaxed. This is what guides where we put our chargers.

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Who can benefit?

Forecourt operators, service stations, retail and leisure outlets, restaurants and local authorities are just some of the organisations that we partner with. Get a guaranteed income for up to 30 years by joining the InstaVolt network. Contact our team to find out more.

It was a complete no-brainer. To be able to install the electric vehicle chargers without any capital outlay made perfect sense.

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Oli Lodge Managing Director of Rusdene Services

Driving new revenue streams to landowners

Join us in the EV revolution and see your business reap the rewards. Discover the financial benefits of a partnership with InstaVolt.

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Host an InstaVolt charging station.

Find out more about hosting an InstaVolt charging station by sending us a message. We'll get back to you with what you need to know

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Questions about hosting a charger?

If you have a question about becoming a partner-landlord we've collated the common questions in our FAQs area.

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