Fleet Owners
Fleet Owners
Fleet Owners

Manage fleet spending

View, track and monitor your EV fleet charging using our business portal. Manage your workforce effectively and understand the needs of your team.

With your own online portal, you can manage RFID cards and drivers easily and efficiently will all data in one place.

Nationwide coverage

We operate a nationwide network with 1400+ EV charging stations located along major A & M roads.

We are building our network to meet the demands of new EV legislation across the UK from 2030, with plans for over 10,000 chargers.


Account transparency

Accurately forecast your fleet spending using the InstaVolt dashboard via desktop or mobile device, allowing you to build a constructive management strategy for your EV fleet.

Centralised account billing with itemised driver usage allows administrators to efficiently track spending on each RFID card.

Business support

We provide you with full access to account support, including user guides and tutorials. In addition, our nationwide engineers work hard to maintain our network and our technical support is available 24/7.

We understand the difficulties of adopting new strategies and systems into the workflow, so we have made the transition to EV fleet charging simple for you and your business.

Leading the way in reliability

InstaVolt is the UK’s most trusted and easy-to-use EV charging network. With 99.8% reliability and 24/7 support from our team of nationwide engineers, charging with us couldn’t be easier.

Leading the way in contactless charging

Charging with us is as easy as 1-2-3! It only takes three simple steps for your drivers to use our rapid DC chargers. Firstly, tap your RFID card to the screen to get started, plug in your vehicle using the correct connector, and finally, push the stop button and unplug. It’s that easy!

Leading the way in business partnerships

At InstaVolt we want you to have a safe charging experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with popular retail and hospitality brands to offer you warm shelter and the chance for your drivers to recharge their own batteries while they wait. Whether you want to eat, relax or stretch your legs, our locations have it all!

Leading the way in transparent pricing

View, track and monitor your EV fleet charging using your personal business portal. This will allow you to accurately budget and forecast your business spending, as well as helping you better understand your EV fleet when looking towards future business developments or goals.

Enabling EV fleet drivers to get back on the road quicker

Charging with us is as easy as 1-2-3! That’s because all it takes is three simple steps to use our rapid DC charge points.

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Charging is easy


Tap to charge

Using your contactless debit or credit card, simply tap the screen to get started. Alternatively, you can pay using the InstaVolt app.


Plug in

InstaVolt’s DC rapid chargers are designed for any EV with open standard connectors. Just plug in and hit start.


No subscription or connection fees

When you’re finished, press the stop button, remove the charging cable and pay only for what you used. Easy!

InstaVolt electric vehicle charging app screenshot

app-solutely effortless.

Search locations, facilities and partner discounts – and pay for your charge – all in one place.

Explore the app

How much could your business save?

Understanding the financial benefits of your EV fleet.



Miles driven

Based on 40p / mile

Black Tesla compatible with InstaVolt rapid charging station

Find an lnstaVolt charger

Our chargers are right where they should be

We want our customers to have a great charging experience. We believe that means feeling safe, fed and watered, and entertained or relaxed. This is what guides where we put our chargers.

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Effortless. Practical. Nationwide. Charging your fleet.

Nationwide – We provide nationwide coverage from the north of Scotland to the southern tip of England. Practical – The InstaVolt dashboard supports you in building an effective management strategy for your EV fleet. Effortless – Your professional business portal helps you to easily track, monitor and view your EV fleet charging.


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Black Tesla compatible with InstaVolt rapid charging station