Our rapid charge units are designed, developed, and manufactured by the world leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, ChargePoint.

We use the company’s very latest DC rapid charge model, ChargePoint Express Plus, which can add hundreds of kilometers of range in 30 minutes or less. With the advent of this rapid DC charging technology long trips in EVs will be practical and pleasurable. Proprietary liquid cooled cable technology enables far smaller, lighter, and more flexible charging cables so it is easy for drivers to plug in their cars.

A 10-inch LCD touchscreen lets drivers interact with instructions, information or promotions. A 20-inch wide-format LED display notifies drivers of station availability and status. Integrated area lighting creates a safe and comfortable environment for drivers.

Crucially the chargers are future-proofed. The modular and scalable system is designed to meet the charging requirements of current and next-generation vehicles. This is particularly important as EV manufacturers bring out new models with bigger batteries.

ChargePoint Express Plus modular building blocks—a Power Cube, Power Modules and Stations — make it easy to expand capacity as driver demand grows.