Allstar, the UK’s leading fuel, EV and business expense payment companies, today announces InstaVolt, the leading rapid electric vehicle charger network, has been added to its EV charging network, increasing the number of rapid and ultra-rapid charge points.

As the UK continues to make strides in the EV space, it is important that infrastructure continues to keep pace with demand. Access to rapid and ultra-rapid charge points is particularly critical to fleets, so that they can tap and charge quickly and get back on the road.

InstaVolt is one of the leading EV charge point networks on the market. The operator announced its 1,000th public charging point earlier this year and is continuing to install at a record rate. InstaVolt is working towards its target of 10,000 rapid EV chargers by 2030 with reliability and ease of use front of mind. InstaVolt chargers can be found at some of the UK’s favourite brands including Costa Coffee, McDonald’s Restaurants, KFC and Bannatyne Health Clubs, to ensure drivers have an enjoyable experience while charging their EV. The joining of InstaVolt to the Allstar network brings an additional 500+ locations and 1,100 chargers for Allstar customers, of which 440 are rapid and 660 are ultra-rapid.

This takes the total Allstar network to over 11,000 charge points across more than 4,000 locations, of which 93% of chargers are fast, rapid, and ultra-rapid.

Tom Rowlands, FLEETCOR GM, Global EV Solutions, including UK brand, Allstar, said: “InstaVolt has a fantastic rapid network, of more than 1,100 chargers at around 500 locations, it’s an essential network for our fleet drivers and our customers have been asking for it for some time. I’m thrilled we’re now able to offer it to them.

He added: “The partnership gives our customers peace of mind that we’re continuing to expand our network, particularly with rapid and ultra-rapid charge points, so that our fleet drivers can charge quickly and be on their way.”

Allstar is focused on increasing the number of rapid and ultra-rapid chargers in its network to enable drivers to get back on the road with speed and ease. As such, the company is committed to striking strategic partnerships, such as with InstaVolt, to continue to bolster its EV charging network, as well as aiming to double the size of the network (an additional 10,000) by the end of this year.

Adrian Keen, CEO of InstaVolt, commented: “I’ve been talking to Allstar for a number of years to find a solution to bring InstaVolt charging to Allstar customers across the UK, and I’m thrilled that our partnership is now a reality. InstaVolt’s ambition is to make public rapid charging easy and accessible to all, and that perfectly aligns with Allstar’s vision of bringing public charging infrastructure to fleets, across the UK, in a painless manner.”

To find out more about Allstar, visit: or contact our expert team at: 0345 266 5101.

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