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Gymgoers can charge their electric cars in less time than it takes to do a spin class, thanks to the partnership between Banantyne Health Clubs and InstaVolt.

The UK’s largest independent chain of health clubs relies on InstaVolt to install and maintain rapid DC charging stations at its sites nationwide.

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With the Bannatyne portfolio stretching from Eastbourne in the south to Inverness in the north, it’s been a significant project to install more than 70 charging stations at locations across the country. However, InstaVolt has ensured it’s been hassle-free by working in true partnership with Bannatyne Group’s estates and facilities team.

InstaVolt took care of everything from site surveys and planning permission to installation and maintenance, freeing up Bannatyne’s team to remain focused on their day to day role.

Operations director Matthew Tunstall explains: “We undertook a thorough analysis to understand which sites would benefit from our chargers, looking at everything from safe access to electrical grid connections.

“Once we presented our proposed solution to the Bannatyne Group, they were able to give us the go-ahead and we took care of everything. We submitted the planning applications on the company’s behalf, arranged the DNO connection and of course undertook the installations.”

Steve Hancock, director of estates and facilities at The Bannatyne Group, said: “Installing electric vehicle chargers is a new and very specialist line of work and the team has helped us every step of the way. They’ve been very responsive and working with the team has been a pleasure.”

Installing InstaVolt’s rapid electric vehicle chargers has brought multiple benefits to the Bannatyne business. As well as providing the company with a rental income and proving its green credentials, it’s allowed the company to offer its 214,000 members something new.

Bannatyne Group CEO Justin Musgrove said: “Our health clubs offer members the latest in fitness technology and keep ahead of all the latest trends, while aiming to maintain our environmental credentials.

“Enabling members to charge their electric vehicles while using the health club is part of this commitment.”

InstaVolt continues to operate and maintain the chargers, which are available for all gym members and visitors to use on a pay-as-you-go, subscription-free basis.

Being able to hand everything over to InstaVolt has been a real benefit.

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Steve Hancock Director of estates and facilities at The Bannatyne Group

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