InstaVolt’s simple ‘tap to pay’ approach was one of the key reasons Booths decided to work with the company. Booths’ COO, Nigel Murray, explains: “We pride ourselves on giving customers a great experience when they visit our stores so it was really important for us to work with a charging company which shares those values. Customers love a service that is simple and swift and that’s exactly what they get with InstaVolt’s chargers.”

The rapid charging stations deliver 50kW DC charging – enough to take most electric cars up to full charge in the time it takes to grab some groceries and a coffee in store.

InstaVolt’s approach to charging has recently seen it voted the most popular network that caters for multiple models of electric vehicles. Unlike many other charging networks, users don’t need a membership or RFID card, they simply tap their contactless credit or debit card to pay. That’s it.

Showcasing a commitment to the environment

The chargers’ green credentials were also a big draw to Booths, which is undertaking a major carbon reduction project across its portfolio. All of the energy provided by InstaVolt’s chargers comes from 100 per cent renewable sources, such as wind or solar.

Director and Booths family member Graham Booth said: “That’s something that’s really important to us as a business. We’re constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and play our part in making the world a greener place. We’re proud to be using renewable energy to power the EV charging stations at our sites and we’re equally proud to be championing the use of alternatively fuelled vehicles by making it easier for their drivers to charge up.”

Booths has been impressed with the speed at which InstaVolt has installed the chargers at its sites. The company has taken care of everything from planning applications and DNO applications to installation and maintenance.

A future-proofed solution with long-term returns

Importantly, Booths has peace of mind that its approach to EV charging is future-proofed. InstaVolt has installed the rapid chargers in pairs and, at many sites, banks of four so that they’re ready for when even more EVs are on the roads in coming years. They’re also able to be upgraded as battery technology develops.

The move to install InstaVolt chargers has been welcomed by Booths’ customers, many of whom were eager to be among the first to use them. InstaVolt’s popularity and social media following has also brought new customers to Booths’ door, with all of the sites now listed on the UK’s top directories for EV chargers.

All of this has been achieved at no cost to Booths. Thanks to InstaVolt’s unique approach, where it installs the chargers for free and maintains them for their lifetime, there has been no capital outlay. The stations can be updated to deliver quicker charging as battery technology evolves, meaning no costly expenditure on upgrades. Booths even benefits from a regular rental income from InstaVolt for housing the chargers on its land.

Graham Booth concludes: “It’s been a real win all round; for our business, our customers and the environment. We look forward to rolling out even more charging stations with InstaVolt going forward.”

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