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InstaVolt installs EV chargers at Lye Cross Farm Shop

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InstaVolt has installed charging stations at Lye Cross Farm Shop in Redhill, Bristol to address regional disparity where charging is in demand, but previously wasn’t available.

The Story

Due to the lack of charging in the South West, specifically along the route between Bristol and Weston Super Mare, award winning farm shop and cheesemaker, Lye Cross Farm engaged with InstaVolt to fill the gap along the key route. As well as providing this service, the chargers present a mutually beneficial provision for both drivers and the farm shop, due to the increased footfall that the EV drivers will bring to the Lye Cross Farm Shop.

Lye Cross Farm Shop believe in the importance of embracing EV charging as it provides opportunity for those needing to charge on the go, at the same time as supporting the national aspiration of transitioning to EVs over ICE vehicles.

The Solution

InstaVolt worked with Lye Cross Farm Shop as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable transportation choices, by installing EV chargers in their car park to make it more convenient for their customers who own electric vehicles to charge whilst they shop.

Having researched the various EV chargers available, it became apparent to Lye Cross Farm that InstaVolt had the best reputation for reliability and service due to positive feedback. Lye Cross engaged with InstaVolt, who installed two chargers in the already established carpark.

The Success

Visitors of the farm shop have been wholly positive towards the installation of chargers when asked by the team at the shop. They believe that a majority percentage (around 92%) of drivers who use the chargers within the shop opening hours also make a purchase from the farm shop, demonstrating the synergy between the customers of the shop and owners of EVs, as well as the additional commercial benefits that the footfall of the charging infrastructure brings to the shop.

Nick Green, Farm Operations Director at Lye Cross Farm says: ‘Working with InstaVolt is a significant part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable transportation choices. We know that electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for drivers, due to their lower operating costs and zero emissions. These characteristics make electric vehicles a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option compared to petrol or diesel-powered cars.

Because of this, we were keen to install chargers as we noticed our area was lacking charging solutions for EV drivers. We decided to engage with InstaVolt because of their exceptional reputation for reliability and service. Now, when people are charging their EVs, they can pop by and enjoy a hot coffee and a fresh roll while they wait.’

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