The story

The council appointed InstaVolt to install rapid electric vehicle charging points across the region, to be used by both commercial and domestic vehicles.

The air quality improving project has seen InstaVolt work to install chargers at three locations in the first phase of work, giving drivers the ability to charge their electric vehicles up to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes. Unlike many other charging points, which can only be used through a subscription, those installed by InstaVolt are accessible to anyone on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The move is a winner for the taxpayer. Because InstaVolt installs chargers for free, the electric vehicle charging points have been placed at absolutely no cost to the taxpayer. What’s more, Mid Devon Council will also receive a financial boost from the installation of the rapid charging points. It will receive a rental income from InstaVolt for the next 30 years, which could be invested into further green measures or other local benefits.

The installation from InstaVolt is the latest in a series of measures being taken by the council to improve air quality and drive down carbon emissions in the area. Mid Devon District Council is leading the way in its green initiatives, using electricity and heating saving measures across several of its buildings as well as installing renewable technologies. A recent report has also shown the region achieved the highest increase in recycling rates in the entire county during 2015/16.