A petrol station in Corby is preparing to cater for the next generation of cars, with the installation of rapid electric car chargers on its forecourt.

Two InstaVolt chargers have gone live at HGS Shell Corby in Cottingham Road, allowing local electric vehicle (EV) drivers – and those passing through – to charge up.

Unlike many other charging stations, all of InstaVolt’s are available for EV drivers to use on a pay-as-you-go basis with no subscription, card or membership needed. Drivers simply tap their contactless credit or debit card to pay. They can even use their smart watch or phone to pay if it’s set up for contactless payments.

The move has been welcomed by local electric vehicle drivers, including drivers of the town’s popular electric taxis who have been eager to try the new chargers.

Robert Spooner, operations director at Hockenhull Garages, which runs the forecourt, said: “Every time you read a newspaper you’re hearing more and more about the growth of electric cars. Rather than waiting until we’re left behind, we’ve used it as an opportunity to be ahead of the curve and ensure we can cater for the rise in electric cars.”

He added: “There’s been a lot of interest in the units. What’s great about our location is we have a sit-down deli and café on site, so drivers can grab a coffee and a sandwich while they read a newspaper and wait for their car to charge.”

Adrian Keen, chief financial officer of InstaVolt, said: “These kind of facilities are really import to electric vehicle drivers and it’s exactly why places like this are perfect to house rapid chargers. Forecourts will play an important part in the UK’s public charging network and we’re pleased to see HGC Shell Corby is at the forefront of that.”

According to Go Ultra Low, the total number of charging point connectors for electric vehicles currently stands at close to 24,001, at over 8,600 locations, a rise of more than 140% within the last five years.

The UK also has more than 1,700 rapid chargers, making it one of Europe’s largest rapid charging networks.

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