Sales of electric cars have hit a record high. In August one in 12 new cars sold in the UK was electric or hybrid, according to new figures from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders).

InstaVolt says it’s further evidence of the need to ramp up the number of electric chargers in publicly accessible places. The company is currently working to install thousands of rapid chargers at places like petrol forecourts, business parks and retail areas.

Almost 7,500 plug-in cars were sold in August, an increase of nearly 89 per cent compared to the same period last year. While they still only make up a relatively small part of the overall market (eight per cent), their continued increase in popularity suggests the electric vehicle revolution is in full swing.

InstaVolt is installing rapid electric car chargers all over the country to cater for the increasing number of electric car drivers. Unlike some other chargers, InstaVolt’s are available for drivers to use without a subscription or membership card. Drivers simply plug in, tap their contactless credit or debit card and charge up. There’s no connection fee or minimum spend.

Tim Payne, CEO of InstaVolt, said: “We’re very encouraged by these latest figures from the SMMT. As more and more drivers are embracing electric cars we’re working hard to make sure they have access to the simplest and most reliable charging out there.”

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