With a key focus on sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, the team at Riverford Organic Farmers has taken huge steps towards switching its 300+ fleet of diesel vehicles to 100% electric by 2025.

Riverford Organic Farmers is an employee-owned company that delivers fresh organic produce to customers throughout England and Wales. So far the team has acquired 105 electric vehicles that are fully charged and ready for action. 

Although the company has its own in-house charging, InstaVolt has become the company’s go-to network for all public charging when drivers are out and about, delivering fresh organic produce to customers.

When Riverford Organic Farmers first introduced electric vehicles for management staff in 2020, it struggled to find a reliable public network that could supplement the company’s in-house charging. Experiencing inconsistencies with availability and reliability of other public charging infrastructure, the team was in search of a single network they could rely on.

Following a recommendation from its previous fleet manager, the company discovered InstaVolt.

“InstaVolt has created an expansive network with chargers available nationwide,” said Claire Nickells, training and compliance manager at Riverford Organic Farmers. “Its sites often provide multiple charge points for drivers, meaning a better possibility of being able to connect straight away and less time spent waiting for a charger to free up. 

For Riverford Organic Farmers, availability, reliability and no need for membership or subscriptions marked InstaVolt as the number one choice for public fleet charging. 

Claire said: “With the option to bulk buy RFID cards at a reduced cost and with no monthly subscription, we had everything we needed to cover a full electric fleet if we needed to, without committing to monthly costs for a service that wasn’t going to be used regularly.

“The entire process has been extremely easy for us, with the team at InstaVolt taking the time and patience to help set up our account and demonstrate how it can be used. When we use the dashboard, it provides us with everything we need to monitor and manage charging times and costs.

“Switching to electric had its challenges at the start, but we’re incredibly glad we found InstaVolt. The team has certainly helped in making the transition to electric deliveries a lot smoother.”

Riverford Organic Farmers has had huge success in its transition to electric delivery services. Highlighting its benefits, the team loves that operations are now cleaner and much quieter, not to mention they’ve seen a reduction in running cost per mile since making the switch. 

If your business is switching to electric, or you already have an EV fleet but no management solution in place, then get in touch with our team today so you can experience the benefits of charging your fleet with InstaVolt.

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