InstaVolt, the UK’s favourite public charging network, and Electric Zoo, which provides all-in-one solutions for electric vehicle leasing, today announce a partnership to provide Electric Zoo customers with even more reasons to join the electric revolution. InstaVolt are offering free charging credit to new Electric Zoo customers as well as access to ongoing offers and promotions on the award-winning public charging network.

Under the new partnership, InstaVolt are the recommended public charging provider for Electric Zoo and drivers leasing a new electric vehicle through Electric Zoo will receive £15 free credit for use on the InstaVolt network of 550 chargers nationwide. Additionally, Electric Zoo drivers will be able to take advantage of ongoing InstaVolt promotions and benefits through the term of their lease.

InstaVolt CEO Adrian Keen said: “This is an exciting time for us to be announcing this partnership as demand for electric vehicle leasing increases. InstaVolt and Electric Zoo share a common philosophy that driving an electric vehicle should be simple, and that’s why Electric Zoo are a perfect partner for us.

“Now Electric Zoo’s customer can enjoy a free charge from our 100% renewably powered network as well as ongoing promotions to make driving an electric vehicle even more rewarding. Drivers will also be confident that they are using the UK’s most reliable charging network. Together, Electric Zoo and InstaVolt provide everything the customer needs to be confident in making the switch to electric.”

Lash Saranna CEO, ElectricZoo said: “Our goal is to help transition more people to ‘Go Electric The Easy Way’. We have a selection of Electric Cars to suit all budgets for short to long term lease available from stock which can be easily accessed via our online platform.

By recognising InstaVolt as our recommended public charging network, our customers will be assured of highly reliable public charging whenever they need it. Free credit and ongoing promotions all add to the driver experience, and InstaVolt’s prime locations means drivers can get a refreshment or shop whilst they charge.”

InstaVolt has built a network on the belief that charging should be simple and reliable and it was the first network to launch contactless payment with no need to register for an account or download an app. Drivers can find InstaVolt chargers located next to major brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Costa Coffee, Bannatyne Health Clubs and more.

To find your nearest InstaVolt charger visit:

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