A 13-year-old girl on a worldwide campaign to thank electric vehicle (EV) drivers for helping to protect all children’s health has been given a helping hand by InstaVolt, the UK’s favourite rapid charging provider.

After completing a primary school science project about the benefits of electric transport, Charlotte Smith, from Solihull, made it her personal mission to hand out personalised cards to thank EV drivers everywhere for their contribution to reducing emissions.

Travelling the length and breadth of the country with her father, Steven, in their Nissan Leaf, the dedicated youngster has seen her hand out 3,000 EV Thank You cards while racking up more than 50,000 miles of emissions free travel in the UK.

“After hearing about Charlotte’s incredible campaign, we knew we had to help in whatever way we could,” InstaVolt CEO Adrian Keen said. “The passion and determination shown in such a young person is nothing short of inspirational – that’s why we have given Charlotte an InstaVolt RFID card for the summer.”

The RFID card will provide Charlotte’s father and driver, Steven, with two months’ worth of electric vehicle charging at InstaVolt’s rapid charging stations – giving the duo the opportunity to travel to more locations in order to spread their important message.

Charlotte said: “I am extremely grateful to InstaVolt for their incredible support. Since the beginning of my EV Thank You campaign just 2 and a half years ago my objective has remained the same – to thank every pioneering zero emission vehicle driver for helping to protect all children’s health. That is why I wanted to personally thank every EV driver on behalf of all children – as the campaign represents all children.”

The EV Thank You campaign has also seen Charlotte travel across Norway and the United States, while her efforts have also been recognised by The Queen.  However, it is her father, Steven, who remains Charlotte’s most loyal and proud supporter:

He said: “Charlotte’s resilience is inspiring – she spends all of her free time spreading this important message for the greater good. When EV drivers receive their cards, you can see that they become quite emotional for the recognition of their part in creating a better future. It is a pleasure to witness and makes me even more proud of the hard work that Charlotte does.

He added: “Charlotte has made it quite clear that she doesn’t want to stop until we take our campaign to as many locations as possible – and thanks to InstaVolt we are set to have another successful summer getting her message out there to help out future generations. For that we are extremely grateful.”

To donate to Charlotte’s EV Thank You campaign, visit https://www.patreon.com/evthankyou

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