InstaVolt has endorsed comments from leading motoring journalist – and EV advocate – Jonny Smith who has called for more reliable rapid chargers on the UK’s motorways.

Taking to his Instagram channel live from InstaVolt’s site at Bannatyne Health Club & Spa in Solihull, the YouTube presenter expressed his views to his 25,420 followers.

Jonny, whose YouTube channel Car Pervert has 141k subscribers, said as he recharged his EV: “This is precisely what our motorways need, we need this no nonsense, fast-charging ability all by the roadside on our motorways. It’s absurd that we don’t have more.”

Both InstaVolt’s close proximity to the motorway junction, in this instance just off the M42, and the network’s efficient contactless payment system were also highly praised in the 40-second social media clip.

Endorsing his comments, Adrian Keen, InstaVolt’s CEO said: “We very much appreciate the unsolicited praise from Jonny and it’s even more valuable because he has rightly built up a reputation for impartiality and fairness.

“A lack of charging infrastructure on the country’s motorways is often cited as a concern for current and prospective EV drivers. We are solving that problem by deploying chargers where drivers need them most by developing sites up and down the road network just a few hundred metres from motorway junctions.

“One excellent example of this is our recently-launched Banbury Hub which, strategically, is very important to us as it sits just off one of the country’s busiest motorways, serving London in one direction and the UK’s second city Birmingham, in the other.”

Adrian added: “Significant investment in state-of-the-art technology and a nationwide team of engineers working around the clock, means that EV drivers can be assured of a charging experience that is second to none.

“One of the keys to our success is that we always put ourselves in the position of the driver and try and see things from their perspective. What they want is a charging station that is easy to use, delivers a quick charge and above all else is reliable. Being clean and keeping sites looking attractive is also important because it all adds to the experience.

InstaVolt’’s reputation for reliability is hard earned – the company has been named as the best electric vehicle charging network for multiple brands in 2020 in Auto Express’ first ever chargepoint operator survey.

The accolade adds to the recognition that the company earned in a similar survey conducted by Zap-Map in 2019 where electric car drivers across the county named InstaVolt as their favourite charging network for multiple brands for the second year running.

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