InstaVolt triples its order book for electric vehicle chargers.

InstaVolt has announced plans to acquire an additional 400 rapid electric vehicle (EV) chargers from the world’s leading EV charging network, ChargePoint.

It adds to the 200 DC chargers the Basingstoke-based company purchased just last May and shows just how fast the company is building a network of rapid DC chargers across the UK.

The investment triples the company’s current orderbook with its US-based technology partner, ChargePoint, and highlights its commitment to building the UK’s premium electric vehicle charging network.

The addition of ChargePoint rapid DC chargers is keeping pace with historic growth of EVs throughout Europe and particularly in the UK. Today, there are more than 135,000 EVs on the road in the UK, a 50 per cent increase over the previous year. That number could reach 1.2 million by 2020, according to the Department for Transport.

Yet, even as more consumers are becoming aware of the advantages of electric vehicles, range anxiety (the fear of running out of charge) remains one of the biggest deterrents to purchasing an EV. InstaVolt is alleviating those concerns by installing an extensive network of ChargePoint rapid DC chargers along popular routes, offering quick access for UK drivers to easily charge their vehicles on long journeys.

“InstaVolt is leading the way to deploying a comprehensive charging network in the UK,” said Chris Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe, ChargePoint, Inc. “ChargePoint has committed significant resources to growing our presence in Europe in the past year, as highlighted by this partnership. InstaVolt’s commitment to triple the number of rapid chargers is another important milestone for ChargePoint that not only expands our relationship with InstaVolt, but supports our mutual commitment to the mass adoption of electric vehicles in Europe.”

More than 200 rapid DC chargers are expected to be up and running by Spring, with more added throughout 2018.

“This order for a further 400 rapid DC chargers with our technology partner, ChargePoint, represents another significant milestone in the roll-out of our network, said Tim Payne, CEO for InstaVolt.

“Increased public awareness and growth in sales of electric vehicles has enabled us to accelerate the roll out of our public charging network. ChargePoint’s future-proofed charging technology ensures that our network is, and will continue to be, the most relevant charging network in the UK. This order further supports our objective of being the largest owner-operator of DC rapid charging assets in the UK, and we anticipate further announcements in the near future as we continue to install at new locations nationwide.”

By collaborating with innovative companies like InstaVolt, ChargePoint is helping to build the framework for Europe’s most comprehensive and intelligent charging ecosystem that will help the region to complete the shift to electric mobility.

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