Burney Group develops and maintains retail sites across the UK for drive thru restaurants and cafes. Here Group Director Sarah tells us why working with InstaVolt to improve the experience for EV drivers visiting Burney Group sites was an easy decision….

As a landlord owning 40 drive thru sites across the UK, Burney Group are known for rapid and reliable service in order to keep people satisfied with hot beverages and snacks while on the road.

So, it only seemed natural to ensure their sites can keep people’s electric vehicles (EVs) topped up too, which is why InstaVolt’s rapid electric vehicle chargers instantly appealed to them.

Burney Group Director, Sarah Burney said: “As all of our sites have car parking facilities available and people are stopping off at all times of the day, it seemed a great idea for drivers to be able to park their EVs and charge them whilst they go inside for a beverage or snack. The rapid electric charges from InstaVolt are a great addition to our sites. Feedback from EV drivers is that they love the fact they can get re-fuelled, both themselves and their vehicles, whilst stopping.

“We are always looking for ways to make our sites more sustainable in line with our company values so it is great to be working with a company like InstaVolt, where we can help to create a reliable network of EV charging points to support.

“As a company who specialises in roadside retail the fact that we are taking steps to make our business model more environmentally friendly is something we are very proud to be able to do. We know that most cars will be electric in the next ten years. Introducing the EV charging points to the commercial side of our business makes sense, so our drive thru sites can cater for the demand and keep us on the right track for the future,” Sarah continues.

The Burney Group started the process with InstaVolt in December 2018 and have so far had 10 electric vehicle chargers installed or in the process of being installed. The Burney Group’s drive thru sites include Costa, Starbucks, Burger King and Greggs drive through points based in larger car parks across the UK, including Sheffield, Lincolnshire, Hull, Liverpool and Fleet.

“The process between us sending over potential sites for a new charger and sign off was nice and fast. InstaVolt have performed well on every project and we are very pleased with the EV chargers that were installed quickly and efficiently. They are a great addition to our sites and we look forward to more to come,” Sarah Burney says.

Find out more about The Burney Group and their drive thru sites here.

Find your nearest InstaVolt charger: https://instavolt.co.uk/find-electric-vehicle-charge-point-map/

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