InstaVolt has welcomed news that more people are considering buying an electric car than ever before.

New research from Close Brothers Motor Finance shows the number of UK drivers considering EV ownership has doubled in the past year.

The company’s Under the Bonnet report for 2018 found that 30 per cent would consider buying one as their next car, compared to just 15 per cent last year. A further two-fifths (40%) said they would consider buying one in the future, just not as their next vehicle purchase.

InstaVolt CEO Tim Payne said it’s positive news for the UK’s EV industry. “This report reflects the growing awareness of electric vehicles,” he said. “The industry has been working hard to remove some of the key barriers to purchasing over the last year and it seems that’s starting to have an impact on potential buyers.”

Range anxiety – a fear of running out of charge – has been a major fear factor for buyers in the past. InstaVolt is helping to address the situation by creating a public network of rapid chargers which are easy to access and to use.

There are more than 150 in the ground already and the firm is set to have 500 live by the end of the year.

Tim added: “The availability of rapid charging stations will undoubtedly help to encourage more people to go electric and we’re proud at InstaVolt to be part of that change.”

Close Brothers Motor Finance’s Director of Sales, Sean Kemple, said: “2017 was an important year for electric vehicles, with record growth in sales and the government’s announcement that the majority of new cars should be electric by 2030. Consumer confidence has also doubled.”

This latest research also revealed that 55 per cent of people interviewed now trust that EVs will be cheaper to run, with 29 per cent believing that they would allow for a better driving experience.

Find your nearest InstaVolt charger here.

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