Take motoring up a gear – five reasons to switch to an electric car.

The electric car revolution is well and truly underway.

Sales of electric vehicles continue to rise year-on-year according to official figures from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders). There are currently an estimated 135,000 plug in cars on our roads and the Department for Transport expects there to be 1.2 million by 2020.

So should you be joining the thousands of people making the switch every month? Here are five benefits of owning and driving an electric car.

They’re becoming cheaper to buy

Firstly, and an enduring question for motorists of all ages is the bottom line – how much does it all cost? While you could be forgiven for making the assumption that embracing any new technology comes hand- in-hand with an inflated price tag, advances in battery technology are actually driving down the price of electric vehicles. Furthermore, most manufacturers have or will imminently be launching EV’s meaning there is now a model to suit every budget.

Then there’s the savings to be had as the government encourages greener motoring with plug-in car grants of up to £4,500 plus various tax incentives for making the switch.

Cheaper running costs

Maintaining an electric car can present operational savings too. First, electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel fuel, with running costs equating to around one third of the expense of keeping a traditional motor on the road.

Secondly, maintenance costs are typically lower than a conventional car. Electric vehicles have just the three main components – an onboard charger, inverter and motor – leaving far less to go wrong than the exhaust system, fuel injection, radiator, gears or any part of the traditional engine that always chooses to fail at the most inopportune moments.

The greener way to go

Not only will you feel the benefit in your pocket but choosing to run an electric vehicle is also significantly better for the environment. Pure EVs emit zero emissions, compared to an internal combustion engine that emits a number of harmful gases. An influx of EVs will particularly make a difference in urban areas which often record high levels of toxic air.

If you charge your electric car with InstaVolt you’ll also have the peace of mind that all electricity from our charging stations is sourced from renewable power.

With emissions also a key factor in road tax calculation, the green value of going electric makes an increasing amount of sense, whether you’re more motivated by environmental causes or by the prospect of sidestepping the inevitable taxation of inefficient and polluting vehicles.

More places to charge than ever before

While some people may have been put off by the prospect of ‘range anxiety’ (the fear of not being able to charge up) in the past, there are more and more places to charge popping up every day. Companies like ours are installing thousands of rapid chargers all over the UK, meaning drivers can top up with electricity en route, just like they do now with petrol or diesel.

Charging an electric car is simple, quick and straightforward, especially with our chargers because you don’t need a membership card or app. Simply tap your contactless credit or debit card, top up and go. You pay only for the electricity you use – there is no minimum fee, no connection charge and no monthly subscription. It couldn’t be simpler.

A quiet ride

Electric cars are much quieter than their petrol and diesel counterparts. That means a much more relaxing commute.

There’s no better time to explore the range of electric vehicles and join the many thousands of motorists joining the electric vehicle revolution. InstaVolt is proud to support the uptake of EVs by building a nationwide network of reliable and easy-to-use rapid chargers. We’re giving drivers the confidence they need to charge up on the go.
Find out how easy it is to use InstaVolt chargers to charge your electric car.

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