For the third year running, electric car drivers across the UK have named InstaVolt as their favourite charging network for multiple brands of EV (electric vehicle).

In the biggest annual survey of its kind published by Zap-Map today, the list sees InstaVolt retain first place for a network capable of charging multiple brands of EV. Only Tesla’s manufacturer-specific network scored higher.

Respondents reported InstaVolt’s reliability, modern technology, ease of use and contactless card payment solution as just some of the features that highlight the network’s continued success in the survey.

The annual poll ranked 16 charging providers. For those networks which EV drivers use regularly, respondents were asked to rate their overall satisfaction, and their level of satisfaction in the four key areas of reliability, ease of use, cost and on-site facilities.

InstaVolt CEO Adrian Keen said: “We’re delighted to be the UK’s favourite multi-brand charging network for the third third-year running and it’s testament to the commitment and hard work of the InstaVolt team. Maintaining these high standards over such a lengthy period is a huge tribute to everyone.”

“Our whole ethos is to make charging simple, reliable and allow drivers to get back on the road in minutes. These latest survey results prove we’re doing just that, and with more than 500 chargers nationwide, we are working hard to bring even more chargers online.”

InstaVolt was the first charging network in the UK to operate on a pay-as-you-go basis with no prior registration, membership or monthly subscription fee required. InstaVolt partners with major brands like McDonalds, Starbucks, Bannatyne Health Clubs and KFC to ensure drivers can enjoy excellent on-site facilities whilst they charge.

Keen continued: “by installing our chargers at locations on or near to the strategic road network and at restaurants, cafés and retail sites, drivers can be sure to enjoy a coffee, bite to eat or go about their daily chores as they charge”.

Dr Ben Lane, CTO and Joint MD at Zap-Map, said: “As the survey demonstrates, EV drivers are very clear about the factors that make for a good charging experience, with reliability and ease of use being key priorities.”

“A new generation of drivers want to arrive at a charge point and be confident that it will be simple to use and a trouble-free experience. They are quick to pick up that different networks offer varying  levels of service, and will actively visit networks that provide a reliable and easy-to-use experience.”

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