Top Gear, the BBC’s top-rated motoring show, last night featured InstaVolt, the nation’s favourite rapid charging network, in its main report.

Starring Paddy McGuinness, Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris, Top Gear returned to the screen in its new slot on BBC 1 after its huge success on BBC 2 where the last series attracted an average audience of 3.8 million viewers.

In true Top Gear fashion, the central feature challenged the three presenters to an unusual task. In this case they had to spend 24 hours in Bolton – Paddy McGuinness’ hometown – without leaving their allocated cars. While Flintoff chose the Volvo S60 and Harris the BMW 3 series, McGuinness was left with the Tesla Model 3.

The 15minute item showed them driving around the northern town as they competed in a series of tests.

By nightfall, the presenters had to refuel their cars – and for his Tesla, McGuinness chose an InstaVolt rapid charger.

The refuelling interlude quickly became the item’s central feature as all three presenters climbed into the Model 3 and, using Tesla’s Caraoke app, began a sing-song attracting a large crowd.

The InstaVolt charger – with its distinctive red and white branding – took centre stage and was ever present throughout the segment.

Adrian keen, Instavolt’s CEO, said: “I am incredibly proud to have seen an InstaVolt charging station on prime time TV, supporting the launch of the new series of BBC Top Gear”

“The fact that Top Gear used one of our chargers – totally unannounced – actually demonstrates our philosophy perfectly.

“We are located where motorists need them, you can rely on our service 24/7 and with contactless payment the chargers couldn’t be easier to use.

“Whether you’re a presenter or a motorist like you or me, InstaVolt delivers a reliable, tap-and-go service for everyone, every time.”

InstaVolt’’s reputation for reliability is hard earned – the company has been named as the best electric vehicle charging network for multiple brands in 2020 in Auto Express’ first ever chargepoint operator survey.

The accolade adds to the recognition that the company earned in a similar survey conducted by Zap-Map in 2019 where electric car drivers across the county named InstaVolt as their favourite charging network for multiple brands for the second year running.

Top Gear is repeated on BBC One on Tuesday 6 October at 23.35pm and Wednesday 7 October at 12.35am.

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