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You don’t become one of the UK’s biggest owner/managers of convenience and community-focused shopping centres without being ahead of the curve.

So NewRiver decided to modernise its portfolio and cater for electric car drivers it called the charging firm with the future-proofed solution.

The retail company is working with InstaVolt to install rapid DC chargers across its wide-reaching portfolio of shopping centres.

Top of NewRiver’s agenda was finding a charging solution that was easy to use for drivers.

Jackie Tracey, Commercialisation Manager at NewRiver said: “Convenience is key for our shoppers so we chose to work with InstaVolt after hearing how popular its subscription-free, tap to pay chargers are with electric car drivers.”

All of InstaVolt’s chargers are available for electric vehicle drivers to use on a subscription free, pay-as-you-go basis. Motorists simply tap their contactless credit or debit card, charge-up and go. Users are charged only for the electricity they use on a per-unit basis. There is no connection fee, minimum charge or monthly subscription fee.

The hassle-free approach has recently seen InstaVolt top the user satisfaction rankings for electric car charging networks in the UK that can be used by multiple models of electric vehicle.

Jackie says that while it’s still relatively early days for electric car adoption in the UK, she’s already looking ahead to the benefits of installing electric car chargers. She said: “Based on the popularity of the InstaVolt chargers, we are hopeful that having them will increase footfall as drivers seek out the charging stations.”

Improving its sustainability measures was another big factor in NewRiver deciding to install electric car chargers at its sites across the UK. Jackie said: “We understand that the easier it is to charge, the more likely people are to buy and drive electric cars. That has a positive knock-on effect for the environment by replacing older, more polluting cars, with zero-emission alternatives.”

All of the electricity supplied through InstaVolt’s rapid electric car chargers comes from renewable energy sources, making them an even more green solution.

Nigel Murray CEO, Booths

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