InstaVolt, the UK’s largest and most reliable public EV (Electric vehicle) rapid charging network, has opened a new site in East Guldeford.

Six rapid charging stations are located at Salts Farm Shop, Folkestone Rd which offers a range of food and drinks, for EV drivers to relax while charging. This latest addition brings the first InstaVolt EV charging site to the East Guldeford area.

The site features one fully accessible bay with 1.2m of additional space on either side. The charger is installed flush to the ground and the charger has been designed with lower screens and an improved cable management system to allow for easier manoeuvrability.

With plans to install 10,000 rapid chargers by 2030, InstaVolt currently has more than 1,300 chargers across the country and is installing at a faster rate than any other charge point operator.

There are now more than 920,000 EVs on Britain’s roads and with new models coming onto the market, consumers have never had a bigger or more affordable choice of vehicle. Charging infrastructure is increasing to match demand as more people make the switch to electric vehicles.

Delvin Lane, the CEO of InstaVolt said: “We’re delighted to bring our award-winning rapid chargers to East Guldeford with class-leading reliability of more than 99.9% and installations of two or more chargers at many sites. EV drivers can be confident that when they arrive, they’ll find an easy to use charger, with on-site driver amenities, without having to queue.”

He added: “With an extensive, fully nationwide network, EV drivers are never far away from an InstaVolt rapid charger. When embarking on a long journey, just a little bit of route planning in advance using search engines or a dedicated App for charging points like ZapMap or InstaVolt’s own App, makes life easier. And while you recharge your EV, recharge yourself: stretch your legs and enjoy a coffee or bite to eat from one of our on-site partners.”

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