Shoppers in Lincolnshire can now charge their electric vehicles in the time it takes to pick up some bargains and go for a coffee.

Deeping Shopping Centre has worked with InstaVolt to install rapid electric vehicle chargers in its car park. The rapid chargers ensure that most electric cars could be charged in the time it takes to have a coffee in the centre’s popular café.

Using the chargers couldn’t be simpler. Drivers simply tap their contactless credit or debit card, charge-up and go. Users are charged only for the electricity they use. There is no connection fee, minimum charge or monthly subscription fee. Drivers don’t even need to register or set up an account first.

The hassle-free approach has recently seen the firm top the user satisfaction rankings for electric car charging networks in the UK that can be used by multiple models of electric vehicle.

Kevin Smith, centre manager at Deeping Shopping Centre, said: “We’re seeing more and more electric cars visiting our shopping centre and we’re delighted to be able to help Lincolnshire electric car drivers charge up while they’re with us. The chargers are proving popular already and drivers have told us they love how easy they are to use.”

Unlike many other companies, InstaVolt installs and maintains its chargers for free and makes its money from the sale of electricity to drivers.

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