Super inquiry MP urges police and NHS to use electric vehicles.

Labour MP Mary Creagh has said the Government should be setting an example by encouraging police and the NHS to use electric vehicles.

Her comments come as four separate committees joined forces today (March 20) to grill the Government on toxic air.

In an unprecedented move MPs from the health, transport, environment audit and environment, food and rural affairs committees have launched a super inquiry into air quality in London and other cities.

Speaking to the BBC Labour MP Mary Creagh, who chairs the environmental audit committee, said: “We’re supposed to have 10 per cent of people driving electric vehicles by 2020 and 60 per cent of people in electric vehicles by 2030. Our committee have absolutely no confidence that either of those targets are going to be met. The Government could show real leadership on this by encouraging police and NHS to purchase electric vehicles.”

Tim Payne, CEO of InstaVolt, says: “Mary Creagh makes a very valid point. If the Government is serious about improving air quality and driving down carbon emissions, surely introducing electric vehicles within public sector fleets is an obvious first step.

“Considering the scale of organisations such as the NHS and the police, even switching small portion of the fleet to EV technology has the potential to make a huge difference. We hope this suggestion, along with other recommendations made by the new super inquiry, are given the attention and consideration they rightly deserve.”

InstaVolt, headquartered in Basingstoke, aims to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions by making the UK an easier place to drive an electric vehicle. According to Government statistics, one of the biggest barriers that deters people from buying electric vehicles is the fear of not being able to recharge. InstaVolt aims to change this by introducing 3,000 rapid charging points across the UK by 2020.

The hearings by the health committee, transport committee, environmental audit committee and environment, food and rural affairs committee will be held as the Government draws up its latest plans to deal with toxic air.

The new plans are due to be published in draft form on April 25 and it’s hoped the super inquiry will help to ensure the plans not only meet legal requirements but also deliver maximum health and environmental benefits.

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