Electric car drivers across the UK have named InstaVolt as their favourite charging network for multiple brands of EV (electric vehicle) for the second year running.

In the biggest annual survey of its kind, published by Zap-Map today, the top UK networks have been revealed. The list sees Tesla’s manufacturer-specific network, available only to Tesla drivers, top the ranking. Retaining second place for the second year running, InstaVolt is ranked the UK’s favourite network capable of charging multiple models of electric vehicle.

The research saw EV drivers award satisfaction ratings for more than 26 UK networks visited by Zap-Map users. Using a satisfaction score (0-100)* based on these user ratings, the top networks were:

1: Tesla Supercharger (94)

2: InstaVolt (86)

3: Pod Point (79)

Respondents reported InstaVolt’s ease of use and contactless card payment solution as just some of the features that make it a cut above the rest.

InstaVolt was the first charging network in the UK to work on a pay-as-you-go basis with no prior registration, membership or monthly subscription fee required. Users simply tap their contactless credit or debit card to commence a session, charge-up and go.

It’s since become a popular approach, with other networks now offering contactless payment and the government recently announcing that all networks will have to work this way in the future.

InstaVolt CEO Adrian Keen said: “We’re thrilled to have retained our position in the driver survey. Our whole ethos is to make charging simple, reliable and allow drivers to get back on the road in minutes. These latest survey results prove we’re doing just that, and we are working hard to bring even more chargers to our customers all over the country.”

Reliability is a top priority for EV drivers, according to the Zap-Map survey panel, which also asked to rank four key issues related to EV charging. Drivers ranked reliability as the overriding consideration, with speed a secondary factor.

Adrian Keen added: “EV drivers will be glad to hear we’ve recently hit some exciting milestones which tick both of these boxes. We’re now installing a new generation of ultra rapid chargers, capable of up to 125kW charging. In addition, we’ve become the UK’s biggest owner operator of rapids, with more than 400 chargers either live or in construction. Being an owner operator means we’re even more vested in ensuring 100% reliability for our customers.”

Commenting on the survey, Dr Ben Lane, CTO and Joint MD at Zap-Map, noted: “EV drivers are very clear as to what makes for a good charging experience with ‘reliability’ being the number one priority. EV users need to be able to access the whole of the UK network with confidence that the installed chargers will be working and available as advertised.”



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